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A note from our publisher

Welcome to The Point ESG News Site. We show you the news through a different lens. Our reporting is dedicated to assessing what’s happening in your world in terms of environmental justice, social justice and good governance.

The website is driven by a commitment to the importance of truth in the public interest and the need for greater levels of social and environmental justice and higher levels of accountability and leadership (good governance).

We hope The Point ESG News Site empowers individuals and communities to aspire to higher levels of accountability, equity and human decency.

Here at The Point, we write about the issues that matter most – community, humanity and the planet.

Our laws are weak, their regulation is, at times, non-existent. As usual, the broader community does not know what it does not know – until it is too late. We’ve been brain washed by conservative media into believing we are powerless. In turn, we therefore decide that what ever we do won’t change things. We ask ourselves saying “What’s the point?” or tell ourselves “there is no point”.

Hopefully, this website can demonstrate that there is a point to being well-informed so you can stand up and speak your mind when change is required.

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Best wishes,

Jacquelene Pearson, Director, Truepenny Media (TPMTP Pty Ltd, Publisher of The Point

Our team

Jacquelene Pearson: Director and Executive Producer. Jacquelene has been a journalist for 35 years. She is former Deputy Editor of Choice Magazine and a retained contributor to AFR Smart Investor Magazine. She is currently working on building The Point into a strong voice for independent journalism, book writing and has just released her first poetry collection.

Tracey Hawkins-Budge: Contributor. Tracey is a marketing expert with a successful consultancy specialising in brand management and social media – a long way from her humble beginnings as a newspaper journalist.

Harry Mulholland: Contributor. Harry is a graduate journalist with a passion for cars, hence his obsession with Teslas. He is enjoying exploring all things ESG.

Justin Stanley: Production Consultant. Justin has over 20 years experience in graphic design. He has an established and reliable design and IT business, Silverback Kreations , and knows his way around wordpress like the back of his own hand. There hasn’t been an IT question he hasn’t been able to answer; a problem he hasn’t been able to solve.

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