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'From the first words on a page, Mother’s Song heralds honesty, depth and the raw power of truth. Each poem could embody the experiences of a mother, a sister or a daughter, a friend…a lover or a son. This poetry is for every one of us. It’s a collection of healing and, at times, confronting words, from short verse to big ballads. It captures our most defining experiences and the environments in which we live. Beautiful, landscapes and backdrops, human or natural, always in momentum, bring us back to stand strongly in, and towards, hope.'

– Maryann Weston, writer, intuitive and spiritual counsellor

'Powerful. Mother’s Song is powerful. Mother’s Song provides readers opportunities to celebrate the power of survival and the power of lived experience over the powerlessness of the experiences of inflicted trauma. From the outset, we are taken on a courageous journey of identifying and speaking truth to the impact of trauma, the power of and insidious nature of silence, the depth of loneliness routinely experienced by those trying to survive. Mother’s Song speaks to us about how such insidiousness in life and its impacts are transcended through the power, experience and beauty of true love. Mother’s Song speaks to the power of the lived experience of trauma not being what defines you. Yes, it’s a huge part of you, but still not what defines you. The beauty of allowing yourself to be loved and to feel love, the power of speaking one’s truth, to just one or to many, these defining features of life transcend all else. Mother’s Song tells us so.'

– Sharon Walsh, Vice Chair, Central Coast Domestic Violence Committee

978 1 76109 339 5, 108pp

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