If a tree falls in the forest


and when all the creatures come out at night
to see their home decimated , piled up , no longer upright
the empty forest gaping like a wound bathed in moonlight

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Our collection of tree stories, for Tea for Trees, continues – this week with a poem.

By Sommer O’Rourke

if a tree falls in a forest , as the saying goes

if no one sees it happen , no one ever knows

or so it would suppose …

no one to witness the splintering sound

of a 100 year old tree falling down or

the screams of the birds , as nests hit the ground

no one to see the carnage and debris,

the soil and stream contaminated, destruction abound

We try to bring awareness to the bustling towns

of what happens deep in the forest when no ones around

machinery desecrating sacred sites ,

truck tires replacing mountain bikes

Petroleum in the stream glistens in the light

like the sparkle in the eye of a greater glider in flight

and when all the creatures come out at night

to see their home decimated , piled up , no longer upright

the empty forest gaping like a wound bathed in moonlight

and this is just the beginning of the fight

wait for the environmental decay it will invite

the future bushfires it will ignite ,

the biodiversity loss it will incite ,

the greed and evil it will delight …

We must stand up and say with all our might ,

that this cannot go on , that this is not alright

There is no fair fight with people who value money over life

These aren’t a mere pile of leaves ,

This is the future of the air we breathe

These aren’t just innocent earth movers ,

these are the takers of our futures

They weren’t just logs to cut and divide

They were once living beings , they were alive

Where do we separate timber from tree ?

wood from bark ? flesh from meat ?

Where is the line of the defeat ?

when there’s no more food for animals to eat ?

when the forest is a hologram with electronic bird tweets ?

What will be our forest in fifty years ?

Made into tissues to wipe away your tears .

How will you soothe your children’s fears ?

By ignoring the fires growing ever near .

What were you doing while the forest dies ?

Probably believing the corporate lies

Designed to subdue while they incentivize

Virgin forests , innocent life ..

Its never been harder to turn a blind eye .

The flames lick the beginning of a collapse

One day we’ll cut too much away and there’s no coming back

The forest will regrow , There ‘ll be many a bee

but what wont be here is you and me

but after all do we deserve to be ?

We destroy our earth for something as meaningless as money

If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around ,

does it make a sound ?

Ask the forestry loggers as they cut them to ground .

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